Anne Maria is a contestant in Total Drama the Next Generation. Anne Maria was on the deadly dogs and placed 39th place. She was a contestant on Total Drama Island!

Anne Maria
Deadly Dogs
Anne Maria
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color black
Eliminated TDI-Trent's Despair
Place TDI-36th
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies Everyone

Total Drama World TourEdit

In Total Drama World Tour Anne Maria appeared for the first time in the first Aftermath Show of season 3. She was one of the contestants that weren't in the 3rd series from the very first beegining. That section of contestants had the chance to compete in Total Drama World Tour. Anne Maria, was going horrible in the challenge because she wasn't really fast. But everything changed in the last question.. It was a question about Heather and everyone answered it wrong but because Heather was Anne Maria's favorite contestant (except herself) she got it right. There was a bit of confusion there because they didn't have a lot of time and Chris wanted to give that last point to Geoff that he only needed 1 point to win. But because Anne Maria got really upset Chris decided to let her get a chance in the game and make Geoff (with Brick) the hosts of Total Drama Aftermath. After a little bit easy came in and she started a countown of a bomb she put in the building as "Explosivo". Everybody left the building except Anne Maria, because she wanted to learn the team that she would competed with. But the bomb boomed and Anne Maria burned to hell. (but she didn't die because she's a cartoon and didn't lost her hair thanks to her "Spray Gell".

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