Cutie Cats
Evil Elephants
Lanky Losers/Ultimate Underdogs
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI- Dawn and the bear
Place TDI-5th
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Dakota Noah
Voiced by Coolboy
Beth is a contestant on Total Drama Island. She is placed on the Cutie Cats. She is later placed onto Evil Elephants. She is known for being in the bottom 2 most of the time. Beth is portrayed by Coolboy87. She placed 5th and was the first to be eliminated due to the point system.


Total Drama IslandEdit

In Drown Or No Drown, she greets Chris as if they have never met. When Chris explains the challenge, with him calling it simple. Beth protests at the fact. Later, Beth has to be consoled by the others, due to her not having enough courage to jump. When Alejandro tells her that she can do it, Beth believes him.

After Chris explains the teams, Beth is still seen scared once realizing they still have to jump. When it's her teams turn to jump Beth sobs while she jumps.

During the second challenge, she barely moves but gets a cramp early on. Beth states the obvious and tells herself she is way back and "alone." Beth suddenly gets an adrenaline rush, but Izzy runs back and gets her but then drops her. Momentarily, she runs back and gets Beth and the two sprint towards the finish line.

At elimination Beth and her teammates are anxious. Once many people have been declared safe, she is shown to be nervous. When her and Gwen are in the bottom 2, the girls reveal that they voted each other, this shocks Beth. When Beth is declared safe she is revealed, Izzy is also very happy at her being safe. It is possibe that Beth didn't see Ezekiel glaring at her from the sidelines.