Cody and Tyler seem to have a strong friendship throughout the episodes. When tyler competes in a challenge, Cody roots for him. Even though Cody eliminated him in The aMAZEing Canoe race, Cody is happy when he returns in Fear Facing, suggesting they have a strong Friendship.

In the episodesEdit

Drown or No Drown- Cody cheers with tyler when they win the challenge.

iPhone5 Search- Cody and tyler cheer when they don't get last place.

Boney Islands Hair- They gain a mutual hating of trent this episode and agree to vote him out the next time they lose.

Treasure Diving- Tyler Congraulates Cody for winning the challenge. They were both mad when trent switched teams.

Trents Despair- Cody cheers on tyler when he competes during the challenge.

The aMAZEing Canoe Race- Cody cheers tyler on in the rowing challenge and navigates the dark maze with him. Even though Cody votes him out this episode, He states in the confessinal That he voted tyler out because he  lost the last challenge for his team and the fact that trent switched teams, He is not very happy about voting out tyler.

Fear Facing- He is seen to be very happy when tyler returns and He is happy when tyler recives immunity.

Eat and Exercise- When tyler starts to go crazy Cody is shown to be very concerned for him. He is happy when he recieves immunity.

Dodgeball Rave- Cody is shown to be very upset over tyler's elimination.


  • Even though Cody votes him out, Cody bonds with him even more after he returns.