Cutie Cats
Evil Elephants
Lanky Losers/Ultimate Underdogs
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI-"Dawn and the Bear"


Place TDI-3rd


Relationship Cody
Family TBA
Friends Zoey, Izzy, Sierra, Owen, Duncan, Lindsay, Bridgette, Heather, Cameron, Cody, Courtney
Enemies Chris, Chef, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Staci, Eva, Sadie, Katie
Voiced by TDfan10

Dawn won the 3rd place prize in Season 1 which was $10,000

Total DramaEdit

In TDA she is silent in the first 2 episodes. But then she talks in 3-4. Cody says that she is pretty and smart. He then says he wants to kiss her. She wonders. Then she is drowning Cody saves her and allows him to kiss her. She said in the confessional that she loved the kiss. After that Dawn and Cody became an official couple. She has been played by ♣ Psycho Hose Beast ♣ 12:38, October 24, 2013 (UTC) for TDI-TDWT! Dawn has been angry since Gwen kissed Cody. She is starts to forgive him after that. Cody gets injured in Flipino Flop. She kisses him hoping that would make him feel better. She then wants Beth to stay while Beth and Zoey are low. Dawn is in the finale of Total Drama World Tour.