Deadly Dogs

'Evil Elephants Killer Super Villains

Gender Male
Hair color Green
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: The Amazing Merging Race

TDA: Ezekielformers

Place TDI: 10th


Relationship Zoey(broken up)
Friends DJ, Mike, Owen, Dawn and Trent
Enemies Cameron,Cody, Bridgette, Zoey and Mike

Season 1: Total Drama IslandEdit

Duncan is played by Duncan05.

Duncan made the merge in Season 1.

Season 2: Total Drama ActionEdit

Duncan is played by The Villainous Vulture

Duncan was placed on the villains team, but fell for Zoey quickly, though it is part of Zoey's plan to make alliances. Scott constantly tries to warn Duncan about Zoey but he never listens. He is constantly being distracted by Zoey and usually needs to be snapped out of it. He finally betrayed Zoey afew episodes later. He was eliminated in Ezekialformers. He cheered for Dakota in the finally, and the last thing to happen in the episode was Scott, Zoey, Gwen, Mike and Beth all beating him up

In The Stars & Caves, Duncan was beaten up by DakotaBrickLightningZoey, and Scott at the end of the episode.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Duncan is in TDWT and is wanted by his X-girlfriend, Zoey. He is eliminated.

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