Deadly Dogs
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray
Eliminated TDI- episode 27

TDWT - episode 12

Place Total Drama Island: 6th
Relationship Trent
Family Damien (little brother), Mom, and Dad.
Friends Everyone
Enemies Bridgette

Heather is portrayed by User:Heatherxcodyfan. She is part of the Deadly Dogs team. Her friends are Evil Cody, Dawn, Geoff, and Trent. Heather is dating Trent. Heather is one of the nicest people on the show. She hopes to win the mill for her and Trent. Her enemy is Dakota, but had no part in voting her off. Heather has been nice to everyone because she knew that everyone is her equal. She was once a fat and pimply teenage girl. She is on the Villains, but doesn't know why. She wanted to be on either Bridgette or Trent's team. She thinks Lindsay is the most beautiful girl on the show. She is in love with Trent. Heather is in season 3. 


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Heather In Total Drama Action.

Heather hawaii-2

Heather in TDWT