Super Seals
Screaming Seagulls
Screaming Super Heroes
Ultimate Underdogs
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: "Eat and Exercise" & "TDR Football"
TDA: Anchor-boys: The Legend of Owen

TDWT: African Avatars

Place TDI: 9th
TDA: 5th

TDWT: 16th

Relationship Izzy
Family TBA
Friends Ezekiel, Cody
Enemies No one
Portrayed by AwesomeTD🐒

Owen was on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and will compete in Total Drama World Tour. He is placed on the Super Seals in TDI and the Screaming Super Heroes in TDA. He is portrayed by AwesomeTD. His friend is Cody. He got 9th place in TDI and 5th in TDA, thanks to The Malevolent One messing with Cody's vote.

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