Popular Peeps
Number of Members 16
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Lightning 29th Place
Advanced to Season 4 TBA
Team Selected By Chris

This team is filled with the popular people, and Anne Maria.


Additional MembersEdit


  • Scott is the highest ranking member
  • Lightning is the lowest ranking member
  • Anne Maria originally did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour, however she won the Total Drama Comeback segment in TDWT Aftermath I, which allowed her to debut in Indian Island
  • Jo also originally did not qualify, but she won Total Drama Comeback in TDWT Aftermath II, which allowed her to debut in Filipino Flop
    • She was supposed to be placed on the Ultimate Underdogs team, however, since the Popular Peep were down more members Chris decided to put her on the Peeps Team
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