This page is the top 12 contestants who are almost to the merge.


  • Cody- Is the sneaky one who has eliminated Geoff, Sam,Ezekiel,DJ, and Tyler. Will he be Mischivious enough to get his way into the merge?- Lettucecow
  • Cameron- Has made it far because of his alliance with Cody. Will he stick with him enough to merge?            - Lettucecow
  • Dawn- A Sierra and Izzy were eliminated, she now must go without friends. Could her link to animals could place her in the merge?- TDfan10
  • Duncan- Tough Duncan has not had many lines.Will he be tough enough to make the merge?-Duncan05
  • Beth- She is nice and sweet, yet this helps her avoid elimination. Will she ever be safe again?-Coolboy87
  • Evil Cody- Was the bad Cody and now the not-so-bad Cody. What is his secret- DamiedeterJR
  • Heather- Realationships may get far, but they never last (unless marrige). Can she go far with her relationship?- Heatherxcodyfan
  • Trent-  RnB Song writer is far in the game. With one of his enemies wanting him out, will he make the merge?-DamiedeterJR
  • Harold- This geek is now so strange with his TDI experience. Is he strange enough?-user-Ultra98
  • Owen- This eater has returned for more fun. Is he going to have fun?-AwesomeTD
  • Mike- With his girlfriend gone and MP. Can he as "sane" as can be?-User-Ultra98
  • Zoey- The sweet girl is in the top 12. Is she sweet enough?-Drfizwuz997xlol