This is the Total Drama "Hurt & Heal" game. It's simple! You just select one person to heal and one person to hurt. At your post, you'll mention who you choose to hurt and who you choose to heal. A heal gains a point while a hurt drops a point. I will then repost the list to reflect the change. If a character runs out of points, they are eliminated and cannot be revived.


  1. Only one post per person per day: To avoid spamming
  2. A character can only heal up to 18 points: To avoid character getting too powerful. Anyone with 18 points that has another heal count will be ignored.
  3. Please don't change your vote after you post. Your vote is in the lockbox as soon as you click post. This is to avoid clutter.

Without further ado, let's get this rolling!


Color Description
8+ This character has more than the starting 8 points and is winning
8- This character only has less than the starting 8 points and is losing
8 This character is safe and is neutral
OUT This character has been eliminated
18 This character is immune


Character Points Rank
Alejandro OUT 37th
Anne Maria 8 TBA
Beth 7 TBA
Blaineley 6 TBA
Brick 8 TBA
Bridgette 8 TBA
Cameron 8 TBA
Cody 16 TBA
Courtney 8 TBA
Dakota 6 TBA
Dawn 13 TBA
Duncan OUT 38th
Eva 6 TBA
Ezekiel 10 TBA
Geoff 8 TBA
Gwen 8 TBA
Harold 9 TBA
Heather 8 TBA
Izzy 12 TBA
Jo 7 TBA
Justin 8 TBA
Katie 8 TBA
Leshawna 7 TBA
Lightning 7 TBA
Lindsay 13 TBA
Mike 10 TBA
Noah 10 TBA
Owen 9 TBA
Sadie 8 TBA
Sam 8 TBA
Scott 9 TBA
Sierra 8 TBA
Staci OUT 36th
Trent 13 TBA
Tyler 7 TBA
Zoey 9 TBA