Super Seals

Deadly Dogs

Evil Elephants

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDI - Ezekiels Revenge

TDA - The Talking Dead TDWT - Brazilian Baby

Place TDI - 11th

TDA - 7th


Relationship Dakota (broken up), Heather (presumbly)
Friends Heather, Dakota, Ezekiel, Brick
Enemies Tyler, Cody, Cameron
Portrayed by TDI - DamiedeterJR

TDA- True TDWT - True

Trent is a contestant on Total Drama The Next Generation. He Is Part of the Super Seals.

He is getting on his team's bad side for helping Heather in Bony Island's Hair. His enemies are Cameron, Cody and Tyler. His friends are Heather, Dakota, and Ezekiel.  He will be returning for season 2. He was bitten by Mama Alien in Alien Inventions and suffers from a bloated leg. In Host of Horror, his bloated leg revealed an egg. Which hatched his pet lizard, Reggie. In Playtime in Paris, Trent helped Cameron stop bouncing on the turbulance, this may mean that Trent is trying to be friends with Cody and his group. In TDWT, Trent gets a wheelchair to go around the stadium in.


Bloated Trent

Trent with his bloated leg from Monster Mania

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