Dakota here! So like as I am SUCH a favorite among fans, I will my rankings on the current peeps in the game. Trent, is like still mean, I apologized to him and he eliminates ME! Geez talk about holding a grudge. So lt's off the list, as the merge is coming up, I am SO gonna return. Oh and Plus, I won't rank them in their teams.

Evil Elephants

12th Beth: she never talks to me, I don't think she ever did. She called me "nice" is that it! Rude. She ignores me and expects me to play charades with her because she finds it fun. No. Plus, she seriously does is just a down right annoying weirdo.

11th: Cameron: He's weak. Come on, slightly smarter and less Gothic Gwen 2.0, you fall over, you haven't won any challenges. How DID these losers make it further than ME!


10th: Owen: He won't make it further than me, No one likes Owen. He's such a threat, he shouldn't make the merge. But he will. which is totes unfair!

9th: Dawn: She is weird, she actually has no friends and no one to rely on, she is SUCH a target. Come on, you might not even make the merge.

8th: Trent: Once he is eliminated..I will be so happy! Why does he rank higher than the othes. Because, obviously Trent isn't gonna get eliminated straight away. Also, he has Heather on his side, who has a few other people siding with her.

7th/6th: Heather/Zoey: With these being so nice, they will probably be eliminated in a double, with the end coming near everything will crumble, these two being the first to crack, will probably be out.

5th: Evil Cody: He has evil in the name. There's no way someone with 'Evil' In front of their name would win the season, let alone get to the final 4.

4th: Cody: This dweeb has smarts, but two Cody's in the final, that CANNOT happen, cause that's totes unfair. So, yeah.

3rd: Harold: He plays a good game, but I think his time will end here due to a scheming Duncan.

2nd: Duncan: He will make it far, just won't win. He could unveil hisz soft side, which leads to Mike winning the season.

1st: Mike: He is an underdog, typical winner material, the girlfriends gone, and he promises to win it for her, he keeps promise and wins, due to sliding under everyone's radar!