I know some people have already given characters storylines, or at least they will. So, what am I planning for my characters. Well; Look below.

Dakota: With Dakota's main enemy (Courtney) returning, Dakota will possibly interact with Courtney, however the only reason the two girls have a conflict is because of Alejandro, who has left, so I suspect that the two will be on friendlier terms.

Also, with Heather dating Dakota's boyfriend, Heather will probably be injured slightly by Dakota. As opposed to Trent, who Dakota completly forgets about and acts as if he never exsisted.

But, Dakota will explain to Heather that the only reason she is furious is because she asked twice if it was okay to date Trent, Heather replied with a yes each-time. However, Dakota also thinks Heather brainwashed Trent and made Trent date Heather.

EDIT: Al has returned. So, Dakota, not wanting to focus on boys will be nicer to Courtney, slightly, Dakota also tries to find a new BFF in Courtney, with the occasional bickering happening along the way.

Beth: Beth is a nice girl, she will try to make friends but when eating sugar she will go mad. Also Beth tries numerous weird attempts to get a boyfriend.

Eva: Eva likes to rage on everyone, she yells and is extra tough on people who do nothing. Eva's fist on anyone's command can punch whoever needs to be punched.

What If your characters Don't make it far?

They don't have too. Eva and Beth can start doing what I have planned for them next episode. With Dakota the Courtney situation could also start next ep. Now with the Trent/Heather/Dakota storyline. It could start next ep and end the next. And plus there is a lot of people who NEVER show up so I think those people will go and then maybe my characters will be next.


Dakota: Like. When I said I was going to backstab Heather and I was playing Trent, I was trying to keep my control and please the little fans I had left. *Burst out sobbing* I actually liked Trent, even loved. I have feelings too! Also, like, omg, I asked Heather twice if I could date Trent and she said yes. And then Trent says he loves Heather..Why did you date me all that time then?! *Sobbing louder* I have more enemies than friends. I guess that means I have to make up with...*Shudders* that witch Courtney. And I did love Trent, infact when he rammed the Sasquatch which was going to attack me, I finally saw how good he was! BUT, all that aside, it's game time, I am going to just forget all about Trent, literally.